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Sharlene Bascand
TITLE: Creating and Making Meaning Toolkit Book 1
AUTHOR(S): Suzi de Gouveia, Jude Callaghan and Sharlene Bascand
Suitable For: Lower Primary
PRICE: $45.00
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Creating and Making Meaning Toolkit Book 1. Reading made easy for Level 1.
  • Literacy outcome cards that are accessible and save time.

  • Assistance with the daily organisation of your literacy programme.

  • Versatile resource that can be made into individual sets for students where necessary.

  • The Creating and Making Meaning Toolkits make it easier for busy teachers to make their students aware of the learning intentions in reading, writing, listening and speaking. The learning outcome cards provide a practical example of each specific learning outcome. They can be used as reminders of the learning intentions for individuals where a particular need has been identified, or with groups or the whole class in a shared book activity.
    The cards have been carefully coded to help with organisation and storage. They are linked systematically to the colour wheel and the curriculum document.