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Sandy Smith
TITLE: Connecting Strugglers with Reading Book 4.
AUTHOR(S): Sandy Smith
Suitable For: Upper Primary
PRICE: $45.00
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Connecting Strugglers with Reading Book 4.
  • Engaging themes and topics as the basis for activities.

  • Activities that develop key strategies for making sense of text.

  • Developing familiarity with texts ranging from short stories to newspaper articles.

  • Each book structured as a one-term unit with an adaptable schedule.

  • Connecting Strugglers with Reading is the task at the heart of this four-book series.
    Each book contributes one term of activities for a reading intervention programme to help struggling readers make sense of text. The main goals of the programme are to develop three key strategies in making meaning and decoding: applying personal experiences, using phonics and sight word knowledge, and applying known grammatical structures.

    The four books cover different textual forms: short stories (Book 1), letters (Book 2), newspaper articles (Book 3) and procedural text (Book 4). Every book contains eight texts, each of which forms the basis for a range of activities. A set of activities can be divided into four components with a small group or used in its entirety in one-on-one intervention.