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TITLE: No Nonsense Measurement stages 7-8
AUTHOR(S): Suzi de Gouveia, Jackie Andrews and Jude Callaghan
Suitable For: Intermediate
PRICE: $45.00
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No Nonsense Measurement stages 7-8 The four latest books in this series:
  • offer quality support for the measurement strand of your mathematics programme.

  • take a student-centred approach and encourage independent learning.

  • include specific learning objectives.

  • link closely with numeracy and the Numeracy Project.

  • With these latest arrivals in the flourishing No Nonsense Number series, the writing team offers innovative resources for the measurement strand of mathematics. Integrating numeracy has been a key component of the design: in completing the activities, students will strengthen their number knowledge and strategies.

    Activities cover time, money, area, temperature,weight and length in a way that is both at an appropriate level and appealing to children in each particular stage. The additional activity cards are versatile resources, which can be used in the ways suggested or as the basis for developing other activities. Answers are included for higher levels (Stages 6 and 7-8).