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Janet Bruce
TITLE: Literacy:Guided Reading Rotation Programme Book 5.
AUTHOR(S): Janet Bruce
Suitable For: Upper Primary
PRICE: $45.00
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Literacy: Guided Reading Rotation Programme Book 5.
  • Provide a complete guided reading programme suitable for use with any fictional texts.

  • Offer students stimulating and fun activities that explore different facets of their book.

  • Provide students with clear direction and expectations.

  • Offer teachers guidelines, tips, timetables and other support material.

  • Cover the important areas of the English curriculum.

  • Do you believe that guided reading is important, while being unsure how to effectively set up and plan literacy rotations? If so, these resource books, containing a comprehensive range of literacy rotation activities in the form of A5 cards, are ideal. The books range from the lower to the upper primary grades, so allowing schools to approach guided reading and literacy rotations with consistency across all year levels. The activities involve different small-group tasks that relate to independent reading, comprehension and detail, language and vocabulary, art and illustration, and reflecting and responding. The task cards are designed to be copied and laminated, ready to hand out to the groups for literacy rotations. In addition to clearly stating the task to be completed, the cards include examples and additional information where necessary for group independence and greater understanding.