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Alma Harris
TITLE: Distributed Leadership Matters: Perspectives, Practicalities, and Potential
AUTHOR(S): Alma Harris
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Are you committed to improving the learning outcomes of young people, whatever their context and whatever it takes?

Do you believe that the key to school and system improvement resides in supporting teachers to be the very best they can be?

Do you agree that collaborative learning with impact is achievable and sustainable?
The answers to these three questions lie at the heart of this book. The first question is about moral purpose, why we as educators do what we do in order to make a difference to young lives and life chances. The second question reinforces that teachers are not our best resource; they are in fact our only resource in securing better outcomes for young people. Teachers matter far more than they know. The third question implies that professional collaboration is one way in we can achieve better teaching and learner outcomes. We have everything we need to improve our schools and districts within them – the real challenge is to make more powerful and effective professional connections. This book is the educator's guide to turning these three questions into answers