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Lorna Earl
TITLE: Assessment as Learning: Using Classroom Assessment to Maximize Student Learning 2ed
AUTHOR(S): Lorna Earl
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This updated edition guides teachers and school leaders through the process of formative assessment—i.e., assessment as learning—where assessment occurs throughout the learning process to inform learning as opposed to assessment that occurs at the end of a learning unit to measure what students have learned (summative assessment). Formative assessment emphasizes the role of the student, not only as a contributor to the assessment and learning process, but the critical connector between them.

This book:

-Helps teachers extend student learning so that students become reflective self-regulators of their own learning

-Explores how teachers can make the shift to formative assessment by engaging in conceptual change

-Defines assessment of learning, assessment for learning and assessment as learning, making a case for assessment as learning.

-Addresses assessment in the context of what learning is

-Shows how to use formative assessment to motivate student learning, help students make connections so that they move from emergent to proficient, extend their learning and to help them become reflective self-regulators of their own learning