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Jenni Dononhoo
TITLE: Collective Efficacy : How Educators' Beliefs Impact Student Learning
AUTHOR(S): Jenni Dononhoo
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Collective Efficacy (CE), in the context of teachers and schools, is the simple idea that the efforts of the faculty, as a whole, will have a positive effect on students. This book is a research-based, albeit practical guide to promoting Collective Efficacy in schools -- the single most influential driver of student achievement. It contains practical strategies for strengthening, sustaining, and measuring Collective Teacher Efficacy and includes ideas for strengthening students' individual and collective efficacy. Each chapter includes case-like vignettes of what CE "looks like" when enacted across a school and contains powerful designs for professional learning that foster CE in schools. Jenni Donohoo's  is a Visible Learning trainer whose work has earned praise from such luminaries as Michael Fullan, Doug Fisher, and Ann Lieberman.