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Andrew Churches
Lee Crockett
Ian Jukes
TITLE: Digital Diet:Todays Digital Tools in Small Bytes
AUTHOR(S): Andrew Churches/Lee Crockett/Ian Jukes
PRICE: $50.00
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Understanding today’s online world and relating to the digital generation can be a daunting process for the newcomer. The Digital Diet demonstrates how online technologies can be utilised in today’s classroom to foster enjoyable and productive learning. Offering a tantalizing buffet of various kinds of digital fare, such as blogs, wikis, social networking tools, and podcasts, this concise "diet" allows beginning and experienced users to get a taste of various digital tools at their individual pace. Using numerous screen shots and compelling examples, the authors explain what each tool is, define critical terminology, discuss why educators might use the tool, and provide guidance for using the tool in teaching. This resource presents steps for: •Completing searches and using to bookmark favorite sites •Preparing documents anytime and anywhere •Communicating with friends and colleagues around the world through Skype •Developing networks and providing updates through Facebook, Twitter, and blogs •Sharing and discussing pictures, presentations, or videos through VoiceThread and Flickr The Digital Diet supplies an entertaining commentary on the basics many of the most popular online tools in use today