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Frank Crowther
TITLE: From School Improvement to Sustained Capacity: The Parallel Leadership Pathway
AUTHOR(S): Frank Crowther
PRICE: $62.00
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The definitive approach to achieving long-term school improvement

Does your school improvement plan stand the test of time? Bestselling author Frank Crowther makes a compelling case for capacity-building and parallel leadership as the keys to ensuring sustainable improvement. Based on a recent research study that examined how school leaders collaborated to enhance quality in their workplaces, this book:

-Outlines six research-based dynamics for accomplishing lasting results
-Provides real-life examples of successful parallel leadership among leaders, teachers, middle managers, and student leaders
-Demonstrates effective capacity-building in a variety of settings with case studies and simulations

Everything you need to build a successful plan that will outlast the ongoing “flavor of the month” thinking is right here, complete with practical examples and proven tools.