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Sue Roffey
TITLE: New Teachers Survival Guide to Behaviour
AUTHOR(S): Sue Roffey
PRICE: $61.50
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(Forward by Bill Rogers)

Do you dread Mondays? Ever wondered how you're going to face that class? Well stop worrying and start reading. This book is designed to help the new teacher establish and maintain positive relationships with all students. It also looks at the professional needs of the new teachers themselves.

The chapters deal with issues that are of primary concern to new teachers and that have a direct impact on their level of confidence and awareness in the job. Included is advice on:

- forming positive relationships with students
- ways to manage disruptive, distressed and defiant students
- developing supportive relationships with colleagues
- the do's and don'ts of behaviour management.

Throughout the book a practical approach is taken and suggestions are made, but the focus is on maintaining positive relationships with the students in order to get the best out of them.

New and beginning teachers in both primary and secondary settings should find this a helpful, supportive and clear guide to managing one of the key areas of a teacher's professional life.