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Carol Ann Tomlinson
TITLE: Fulfilling the Promise of the Differentiated Classroom: Strategies and Tools for Responsive Teaching
AUTHOR(S): Carol Ann Tomlinson
PRICE: $51.50
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Extend the benefits of differentiated teaching to virtually any kind of school situation and student population using the guidelines and strategies from this book.

Carol Ann Tomlinson takes you to the next level of differentiated curriculum and instruction with new insights, including

5 student needs that are at the heart of responsive teaching
5 teacher responses that engage more students in learning and promote achievement
6 classroom elements that lay the groundwork for a differentiated classroom
5 characteristics of curriculum and instruction that genuinely help all students learn
Detailed scenarios and activities make it easier to develop new classroom routines and teaching practices that reinforce differentiation. Plus, a toolbox of surveys, checklists, and examples helps you implement differentiated approaches in your classroom right away.