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TITLE: Getting A Grip On Leadership
AUTHOR(S): Robyn Pearce, LaVonn Steiner
PRICE: $35.00
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Are you your own worst critic? Do you frequently find yourself caught up in power struggles and turf battles? Are you a perfectionist? Do you often feel overwhelmed or out of control? Are you searching for more peace at work and at home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then this book is for you.
LaVonn Steiner and Robyn Pearce, top-level professional speakers and trainers, know what they’re talking about. American based Steiner and New Zealand based Pearce have delivered seminars across the world to thousands of people, sharing lessons on leadership. Steiner and Pearce don’t waste time on academic theories that have no relevance in the real world, they focus on real ideas you can use immediately to: get past the fear of trying something for the first time; inspire, inform and involve yourself and others to build a positive work environment; keep your team focused on a common goal; lead yourself and others on a new path; think strategically; and improve performance and productivity.
Getting a Grip on Leadership takes a broad view, examining strategies that will be effective in the work place as well other environments