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Bill Lucas Guy Claxton
TITLE: New Kinds of Smart. How the Science of Learnable Intelligence is Changing Education
AUTHOR(S): Bill Lucas Guy Claxton
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20th Century schools presumed that students' intelligence was largely fixed. 21st century science says that intelligence is expandable - and in a variety of ways. New Kinds of Smart argues that this shift in the way we think about young minds opens up hitherto unexplored possibilities for education. For the first time ever, New Kinds of Smart brings together all the main strands of research about intelligence in one book and explains these new ideas to practising teachers and educators. Each chapter presents practical examples, tools and templates so that each new strand of thinking can be woven into their work as teachers and into their lives as learners. Topics covered include

  • Composite intelligence

  • Distributed intelligence

  • Expandable intelligence

  • Social intelligence

  • Practical intelligence

  • Strategic intelligence

  • Intuitive intelligence

  • Ethical intelligence

"This is a refreshing and innovative book. Grounded in solid research I recommend it as highly relevant to schools seeking effective ways of extending and deepening the achievements of their students"Sir William Atkinson, Head Teacher Phoenix High School