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Andy Hargreaves
Dennis Shirley
TITLE: The Global Fourth Way : The Quest for Educational Excellence
AUTHOR(S): Andy Hargreaves/Dennis Shirley
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Deep and lasting educational reform doesn’t happen overnight, even in the fast and flexible 21st century.

This example-packed sequel to The Fourth Way draws upon inspiring examples unearthed by brand-new research that challenges educational leaders, teachers and policy makers to put to work proven strategies promoting student learning and achievement and the high quality teaching that drives it. With striking success stories from diverse systems around the world, Andy Hargreaves and Dennis Shirley present a bold new vision for education aimed at:

  • Focusing on the real-life, nitty-gritty challenges facing change leaders on a global scale

  • Anticipating stumbling blocks to enacting best principles and practices

  • Developing and implementing a dynamic and coherent plan of action and a culture of determination to overcome challenges to lasting change