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Jared Covili
TITLE: Going Google : Powerful Tools for 21st Century Learning
AUTHOR(S): Jared Covili
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Google is more than a search engine ā€“ it offers many tools that give people the opportunity to work virtually from anywhere, with anyone, at any time they choose. And these tools are available to teachers and students for free. This book for Pā€“12 educators explores the wide array of Google tools and shows how to use them in the classroom to foster digital learning.

Aligned with the ITSE-NETS standards, the text is organised by the 21st century skills each tool promotes:
  • communication
  • collaboration,
  • creativity,
  • innovation,
  • critical thinking,
  • and problem solving.

Written in an intentionally casual, engaging style, each chapter:
  • Explains the specific benefits of using each tool for teaching and learning
  • Provides step-by-step tutorials with screen shots that illustrate the processes
  • Contains detailed examples of classroom and teacher productivity projects

Included are specific classroom activities that teachers can use immediately to engage students and enhance learning. Some of the tools covered include Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Sites, Blogger, Google Groups, Google+, Google Earth, Picasa Web Album, YouTube, Google Alerts, Google Reader and iGoogle. Both experienced and novice Googlers will find new ways to incorporate the programs they love into the classroom and curriculum.