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TITLE: Getting a Grip on Life
AUTHOR(S): Robyn Pearce & Trish Flower
PRICE: $79.00
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Have you ever heard yourself say something like, ‘It’s all very well to talk about how to do goalsetting, but – what exactly do I want?’

Or you’ve listened to someone enthusing over exciting adventures or major achievements and thought, ‘I could never do anything big like that – I haven’t got a clue what I want.’

Or you’ve got a few big goals, work well towards those, but the rest of your life just ‘happens’ with little planning or clear direction.

You want to hear the great news? There’s an easy way to answer those curly questions.

This is not a dusty tome on how to set goals – it’s a simple Toolkit to help you design the life you want – to help you in ‘Getting a Grip on Life’. You’ll be led through the process – so relax and have fun. And if you’re anything like the people we’ve worked with over the years, you’ll want to do the process every year – you’ll be amazed how quickly your dreams turn into reality, once you get clarity.