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Marcia Tate
TITLE: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites
AUTHOR(S): Marcia Tate
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Attention spans, subject interest, learning style and even level of understanding vary from student to student. Just as every student is different, teachers have their own personalities and teaching styles. Yet years of research confirm that certain teaching tools awaken the desire to learn in students by engaging their brains. And once their brains are engaged, synthesis and retention of information will soar! Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites targets teachers as ‘growers of brain cells’ and encourages them to make practical applications of the findings of learning style theorists and neuroscientists. Tactile learners, spatial thinkers and logical minds alike will become eager students as the strategies in this handbook are implemented. Imagine raising student achievement by meeting the learning needs of each student and increasing subject matter understanding, all while enjoying teaching and learning. Marcia L. Tate demonstrates 20 strategies, including: • Using humour and telling stories • Implementing problem-based instruction • Incorporating games into lessons • Utilising mnemonic devices and metaphors • Singing and dancing while learning to facilitate the learning process Actively engaging students in the learning process is the bestway for them to succeed at school – and in life. Give them an edge by growing their dendrites!