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Carolyn Chapman
Rita King
TITLE: Differentiated Assessment Strategies: One Tool Doesn't Fit All
AUTHOR(S): Carolyn Chapman and Rita King
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Packed with tools, surveys, check lists, questionnaires, assignments, organisers, guidelines and rubrics, Differentiated Assessment Strategies addresses learners of all types and levels, including Prep-12, special needs and gifted students. In addition to application of the latest research, you’ll become skilled in novel assessment tools that provide immediate feedback. Chapman and King provide ready-to-use tools to: • Evaluate and activate students’ prior knowledge • Transform homework into rich learning opportunities • Draw higher-order thinking from ALL students • Assess learning to offer feedback to students • Assess learner preferences, as well as cognitive styles and multiple intelligences • Determine student comprehension and requirements for reteaching • Build students’ metacognitive power to self-assess their own learning. Use assessment strategies to build a positive learning culture and energise your students!