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Dr Rich Allen
TITLE: The Ultimate Book of Music for Learning
AUTHOR(S): Dr Rich Allen
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We all know the incredible value that can be gained from the use of music in the classroom and other learning environments – in The Ultimate Book of Music For Learning, Rich Allen has compiled an exhaustive list of songs for every occasion! Specifically developed to help teachers and educators choose songs to enhance learning and enjoyment in the classroom, the book suggests some of the very best and most well-known songs from the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80, 90 and 2000s, as well as suggestions on how to design and create your own Ultimate Book of Music. The book is organised in the following way: • A specific layout of how your CD book might look • A listing of some of the best songs of the decade • A roster of the best Artists and Groups, and their greatest hits • A sample of “novelty” songs and “closing” songs • A sample of instrumental choices • A system for coding CDs. The musical suggestions are based on the central concept of familiarity – the more the learners recognise the music, the more comfortable they feel, and are more ready and willing to engage in the learning process. So, when you’re ready to go, purchase a CD music book to hold your collection– and let the fun begin!