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Rob Jensen
TITLE: Catalyst Teaching: High Impact Teaching Techniques for the Science Classroom
AUTHOR(S): Rob Jensen
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What makes teaching effective? Lessons are so much more powerful when we apply techniques to make lessons work well. Catalyst Teaching will spark and accelerate the reactions of learners, and reduce the amount of energy required for them to occur, helping teachers make lessons more engaging and more memorable for their students, making learning faster and easier. It incorporates an introduction to Catalyst Teaching Concepts and effective instruction, and fun sample lesson plans – all guaranteed to spark students interest! Lesson plans include: • Novel ways of interacting in the classroom • Fun lab experiments to engage learners in a practical way • Measuring the distance to the stars • A gross demo of fat content in fast food • Kinesthetic activities to model science subjects such as chromosomes • Use of ratio and estimation to extrapolate animal populations • A “cookbook” lab on enzymes • Sealing children in plastic bags! • Humour in the mathematics classroom Catalyst Teaching, with it’s brain-friendly lesson plans, shows hands on ways to demonstrate many science concepts from physics, chemistry, biology, and more!