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George Otero
Robert Csoti
David Rothstadt
TITLE: Creating Powerful Learning Relationships A Whole School Community Approach
AUTHOR(S): George Otero/Robert Csoti/David Rothstadt
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Sometimes we wonder if our schools are really helping people be better human beings. As leaders we need to reflect on whether we are actually doing the right thing. The authors of this book got into education because we wanted to make a difference. Yet, we have all wrestled with understanding how we can make a difference as educational leaders. This book describes a framework for leading a school that focuses all school activity on the factors that deliver the best learning outcomes. It is about what we really know is important for every child to succeed. The school leader can use this handbook to create opportunities for teaching and learning that mobilise all stakeholders. We, as leaders, have found this framework has helped us lead by a moral imperative rather than personal preferences.