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Art Costa
Bena Kallick
Yong Zhao
TITLE: Dispositions : Reframing Teaching & Learning
AUTHOR(S): Art Costa/Bena Kallick/Yong Zhao
PRICE: $65.00
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A costly gap exists between what we claim to value as educational essentials and how we evaluate results. In Dispositions: Reframing Teaching and Learning, Arthur L. Costa and Bena Kallick present a game-changing look at why and how to "mind the gap." The authors' Habits of Mind writings have influenced educational policy worldwide. Dispositions incorporates new cognitive science that shows how influencing students' mental habits is their key to finding meaning in classroom content.

Topics include:

  • making dispositions come alive in the minds of students

  • shifting the thinking of educational leaders, parents, politicians and the public

  • how to align day-to-day classroom practices with larger dispositional outcomes