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Alaistar Smith
TITLE: High Performers : The Secrets of Successful Schools
AUTHOR(S): Alaistar Smith
Suitable For: Intermediate to Upper Secondary
PRICE: $58.00
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Alistair Smith - trainer, author and consultant, and described as the UK's leading trainer in modern learning methods - has identified and visited the top performing schools to find out what makes them successful. This timely book is aimed at decision makers in schools and gives sound, evidence-based guidance on how to embark on the learning journey and where to head once the journey has begun. For classroom practitioners there is also a great deal of practical guidance.

It focuses on:
  • Core Purpose;
  • Outcomes;
  • Independent Learning;
  • Classroom Learning;
  • Curriculum;
  • Professional Development;
  • The school as a Community;
  • and Parents and Carers.
This is not intended to be a book of tips. Rather, it is a sound how to guide based on the findings of a detailed study of the best of the best schools and how they have achieved their success.

Primary Performers: The secrets of Successful Primary schools, is to be released later in the year.