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William Ferriter
Adam Garry
TITLE: Teaching the iGeneration : 5 Easy Ways to Introduce web 2.0 Tools
AUTHOR(S): William Ferriter/Adam Garry
Suitable For: Upper Primary
PRICE: $15.00
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You know what the iGeneration in your classroom looks like. They’re turning to the Internet first and the library second.

Their minds are working fast, but not always deeply or accurately. Yet teachers can capture the attention of the iGeneration and help them grow by integrating technology into classrooms in a way that focuses on the skills that have been important for decades.

Find the natural overlap between the work you already believe in and the Web 2.0 digital tools that define tomorrow's learning. Each chapter introduces an enduring skill: information fluency, persuasion, communication, collaboration and problem solving. Then, the authors present a digital solution that can be used to enhance traditional skill-based instructional practices.