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Lee Crockett
TITLE: Literacy is not Enough
AUTHOR(S): Lee Crockett
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In our present society we are seeing powerful technologies and information systems causing a parallel change in the knowledge base. Why are facts are becoming obsolete faster and knowledge built on these facts less durable? What are the new methods for learning, communicating and collaborating both in business and education? With so much information at our fingertips, how do we discern the good from the bad, the correct from the incorrect, and the empty from the meaningful?

In today's world, traditional literacy alone is insufficient for success in the classrooms and the workforces of the new digital age. The rapid advancements in technology leading us into the future call for a whole different set of skills to utilize it all to its full potential. "Literacy is Not Enough" defines the essential skills and mindsets our children need to survive and thrive in 21st Century digital culture, through the understanding and application of essential new 21st Century fluencies.