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James Bellanca (editor)
TITLE: 21st Century Skills:Rethinking How Students Learn
AUTHOR(S): James Bellanca (editor)
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This anthology introduces the Framework for 21st Century Learning from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills as a way to reenvision learning and prepare students for a rapidly evolving global and technological world. This dynamic new framework promotes innovation through critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and technology integration, while building on mastery of core content and background knowledge.

Highly respected education leaders and innovators address critical concepts supporting the Framework for 21st Century Learning and explore these three overarching questions:
  • Why are the skills listed in the Framework for 21st Century Learning necessary?
  • Which skills are most important?
  • What can be done to help schools include these skills in their curriculum and instruction?

The afterword by Andy Hargreaves then looks at the implications of the 21st century skills framework and how we can continue to build on the movement