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David A Sousa (editor)
TITLE: Mind, Brain & Education:Nueroscience Implications for the Classroom
AUTHOR(S): David A Sousa (editor)
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This landmark publication features leading researchers in the emerging field of educational neuroscience. The contributors investigate such questions as:
  • What are the neurological foundations of learning and of individual differences in learning?
  • How did educators get involved with neuroscience, and where might this involvement lead?
  • What does neuroscience reveal about the brain’s ability to use written and spoken language, to use mathematics, and to think creatively?
  • How can educational neuroscience improve the teaching of these abilities?

Written for educators, Mind, Brain, & Education showcases neuroscience’s insights into the learning process and explores its implications for educational theory and practice. It provides applications, examples, and suggestions for further thought and research.

  • Clear language that is accessible to scholars and general readers
  • Numerous charts and graphs,li>Insights and innovative strategies for all subject areas
  • New ways of thinking about intelligence, academic ability, and learning disability

Mind, Brain, & Education is the sixth book in the Leading Edge™ series. The Leading Edge™ series unites education authorities from around the globe and asks them to confront the important issues that affect teachers and administrators—the issues that profoundly impact student success.