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Dorothy Sisk
TITLE: Making Great Kids Greater: Easing the Burden of Being Gifted
AUTHOR(S): Dorothy Sisk
PRICE: $50.00
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Gifted students often develop faster intellectually than socially and emotionally, resulting in feelings of isolation or inadequacy. This book provides educators with a window into the world of the gifted child, discusses how to develop the talents of gifted children with consideration for their unique needs, and suggests ways to help great kids become greater.

Written by gifted education expert Dorothy A. Sisk, this practical resource offers techniques, strategies, and lessons to help gifted students bridge the gap between their cognitive and social-emotional development. Showing how to support learners who may experience difficulties associated with excitabilities identified by psychologist Kazimierz Dabrowski, this resource:
  • Presents real stories of gifted students
  • Includes teacher voices and vignettes
  • Integrates research into each chapter to build a foundation for the suggested activities and strategies
  • Provides recommended reading lists and Web sites for further exploration

Making Great Kids Greater helps parents, teachers, and counselors of gifted children ensure students' emotional well-being and enable them to reach their full potential.