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Pam Robbins
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TITLE: The New Principals Fieldbook
AUTHOR(S): Pam Robbins, Harvey Alvy
PRICE: $56.50
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Any principal starting at a new school or taking a leadership position for the first time needs this book to help focus on the issues that are most critical to success.

Drawing from research data and advice from experienced principals, the authors reveal secrets that can make or break a new school leader's career:

Three stages of becoming socialized to a new school environment
First steps to "reading" a school culture and shaping its learning environment
Guidelines for determining whether students are engaged in quality work
Ideas for getting teachers more involved in meaningful professional development
Strategies for setting priorities, streamlining tasks, cutting through red tape, and protecting classroom time
Tips on balancing personal and professional lives
Checklists and assessment tools help new and aspiring leaders analyze their strengths and weaknesses, prepare for the unexpected, and see how strategies from the book can work in specific situations.