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Anette L. Breaux
Harry K. Wong
TITLE: New Teacher Induction: How to train, support and retain new teachers
AUTHOR(S): Anette L. Breaux, Harry K. Wong
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While many schools lose nearly half of their new teachers in the first three years, here’s a book that tells you how some schools lowered teacher attrition to 2-5% by using teacher induction programs. Find out what teacher induction is, why it’s more powerful than mentoring, and how to get an induction program started.

A foremost authority on teacher induction and a seasoned program coordinator provide you with a comprehensive approach, including

Four most critical needs of new teachers
Seven steps for structuring an induction program
Seven essential components of induction programs
Program descriptions, budgets, and results of three exemplary induction programs, plus contact information for more than 30 other successful programs