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Helen Timperley
Judy Parr
TITLE: Weaving Evidence, Inquiry and Standards to Build Better Schools
AUTHOR(S): Helen Timperley/Judy Parr
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Every school leader and teacher knows that the challenges of change are constant and ongoing. Expectations have risen. The material for Weaving Evidence, Inquiry and Standards to Build Better Schools is based on the authors’ involvement in research and development projects that have successfully accelerated students’ learning and achievement throughout the country. All the authors work closely with schools and know what it takes to tackle the tough problems involved in leading, teaching and learning. The book presents sets of principles and practical suggestions to guide improvement efforts. The emphasis is on three dimensions of improving capability: instructional, organisational and evaluative. These capabilities develop over time through multiple cycles of inquiry and knowledge building. Alongside these sit trusting but challenging relationships and managed interdependence. The book provides a helpful continuum of progression for use in professional development. Mostly, it will provoke thinking, talking and action by all those engaged in building better schools.