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Suzi de Gouveia
Jackie Andrews
TITLE: Curriculum Planning Made Easy for New Zealand Primary Schools Science, Social Studies and Technology
AUTHOR(S): Suzi de Gouveia and Jackie Andrews
Suitable For: Lower Primary to Upper Primary
PRICE: $45.00
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  • Current planning resources based on the new curriculum;
  • Building on the succesful elements of an earlier popular series;
  • Highly practical and easy to use, saving time for better use elsewhere;
  • Includes specific learning outcomes.

    The Curriculum Planning Made Easy series harnesses the relevant elements of the earlier, thoroughly tested Planning Made Easy series and updates it to encompass the new curriculum. It provides an easy, effective way of planning your classroom programmes in Years 1-8, saving your precious time. Achievement objectives from the individual curriculum documents have been included where appropriate for easy reference. The unit plans can be used for Levels 1-5, for various strands of curriculum documents ans, in some cases, for integrated units. A huge help in the planning war!