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Barry Teare
TITLE: Enrichment Activities for Able and Talented Children
AUTHOR(S): Barry Teare
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Enrichment Activities for Able and Talented Children provides attractive and exciting resources for schools, together with practical advice and information on how to run successful enrichment activities. Enrichment is a necessary component of suitable provision for able and talented children, and this book is designed to assist both within the normal classroom and beyond. What the Book Covers •The theory behind successful enrichment activities, including aims and objectives; the selection of participants; creating an encouraging atmosphere; the role of the teacher; pastoral issues; the key curriculum elements; and how to judge the success of the events. •A treasure trove of brand-new resources covering English, reading, mathematics, humanities, lateral thinking, logical thinking, detective materials, tournaments, presentations, events, treasure hunts and a strong concentration upon the higher-order thinking skills of analysis, evaluation and synthesis. •Detailed explanation of teaching methods and techniques, such as how to work with lateral thinking problems and how to use the matrix method when solving logical puzzles and problems. Whether you are a classroom teacher or a gifted and talented coordinator organising enrichment sessions, this book will provide a rich source of material, events and advice.