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Rosemary Cathcart
TITLE: .They're Not Bringing My Brain Out
AUTHOR(S): Rosemary Cathcart
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5th edition currently being re-written WATCH THIS SPACE

Have you ever wondered

  • how to cope with a very bright child when you've got 25 other children in the class?

  • what to do now you're in charge of the gifted programme?

  • how to help the teacher understand your gifted child? This book is written for everyone who lives or works with a gifted child - classroom teachers, GATE coordinators, parents and caregivers, special needs and resource teachers, counsellors and home-schooling families. They're Not Bringing My Brain Out

  • provides clear discussions of the issues involved for all concerned - including the child;

  • set out four key concepts for understanding and meeting the needs of gifted learners (the REACH model);

  • includes a wealth of practical, easy-to-use strategies for implementing this model, with loads of high-interest lesson ideas and examples;

  • covers a wide range of supporting topics such as resources, ability grouping, parent perspectives, cultural differences, giftedness and learning disability, and much more, plus material on identification. Written by one of New Zealand's leading authorities on gifted education, this updated edition extends a text already recognised as an essential guide to this important topic.