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Jane Bluestein
TITLE: Managing 21st Century Classrooms: How do I Avoid Inaffective Classroom Management Practices (Arias Series)
AUTHOR(S): Jane Bluestein
PRICE: $5.00
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Classroom management may be the hardest part of being a teacher: fraught with power struggles, it often leaves teachers feeling stressed and drained and students feeling mutinous or powerless. Most familiar classroom management practices reflect a dissonance between the rapid pace of change in our culture and the decades-old instruction and management techniques that still form the foundation of our educational system.

According to award-winning author and classroom management expert Jane Bluestein, it's long past time for our strategies to catch up to the kids we're teaching. In Managing 21st Century Classrooms, she

* Identifies seven of the most prevalent classroom management misconceptions.
* Discusses the tried-but-not-so-true practices that result from them.
* Offers positive, research-based alternatives that take into account how students learn today.

This timely, practical publication, which is perfect for novice and veteran teachers alike, also includes a quick-reference chart contrasting ineffective, destructive approaches with effective, proactive strategies.