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Bek Galloway
TITLE: PASLIOV - Planning Strategy for Powerful Writing (e format)
AUTHOR(S): Bek Galloway
PRICE: $45.00
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Want to improve the standard of your students writing?

Do you find it difficult to get your students ti plan for writing beyond a simple brainstorm or cluster if ideas?

IN spite of your best efforts do you for your studnets writing lacks depth cohesion and clarity? Then teach them the PASLIOV planning strategy and watch their writing confidence and achievement soar. THe PASLIOV Planning Strategy
  • supports students to transfer their thinking into a well-organised,coherent tect that meets the purpose and audience
  • has students asking questions in order to make decisions about 5 imortant writing elements, Purpose & Audience, Structure & Language, Ideas, Organisation, and Vocabulary.
  • is transferrable across the curriculum
  • is broken down into 5 progressive levels for use across the school (yr 0 -10)
  • is very closely linked to the language and levels of AsTTle Writing
  • will allow your students to plan thoroughly so they can focus on crafting and re-crafting of theie text
e-format only