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Alison Davis
TITLE: Teaching reading comprehension (Second Edition)
AUTHOR(S): Alison Davis
PRICE: $60.00
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Teaching reading comprehension, 2nd edition, provides teachers working in years 4 to 8 with practical research-based strategies and ideas that support best practices in reading instruction. 

Highly informative and practical, this new edition of Teaching reading comprehension uses current research to discuss effective instruction, and shows teachers what they need to know about students to make their instruction more effective. 

Teachers will find practical, research-based information on all aspects of teaching reading comprehension, including

    • word strategies (including phonemic awareness, phonics, structural analysis)

    • vocabulary strategies

    • fluency

    • comprehension strategies

    • instructional reading approaches

    • working with groups. 

The accompanying CD contains reproducibles and graphic organisers that can be used for independent, pair and small-group work during instruction, and as part of planned practice and maintenance throughout the year. 

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