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Travis Crowder
Todd Nesloney
TITLE: Sparks in the Dark - Lessons, Ideas and Strategies to Illuminate the Reading & Writing Lives in all of us
AUTHOR(S): Travis Crowder/Todd Nesloney
PRICE: $46.00
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What sparks a lifelong love of learning?

Books have the power to shape the way we think. Stories--reading them, writing them, and sharing them--give us new lenses through which to view the world and the people we encounter. In short, words matter.

In Sparks in the Dark, Travis Crowder and Todd Nesloney share their experiences as educators who purposefully seek to spark a love for reading and writing in the learners they serve. The reason is simple: Writing and reading have the power to change the trajectory of a life.

Through the stories and real-life examples they share, the authors light the way to . . 

  • Incorporating literacy skills in every subject in engaging ways.

  • Empowering students and staff to ask and explore tough questions about the world.

  • Encouraging learners at all levels to choose to read books that challenge them.

  • Taking responsibility to seek and share learning for everyone's benefit.

More standards, tests, and mandates are not the answer to improving literacy. Sparking a fire--a passion--for words, stories, and self-expression in learners is the surest path to instilling a lifelong love of learning. Let's light up the darkness!