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Jan Robertson
TITLE: Coaching Leadership
AUTHOR(S): Jan Robertson
Suitable For: Lower Primary to Lower Secondary
PRICE: $45.00
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Coaching Leadership is about building leadership capacity in individuals, and in institutions, through enhancing professional relationships. It is based on the importance of maximising potential, and harnessing the ongoing commitment and energy needed to meet personal and professional goals. Based on over a decade of research and development, nationally and internationally, Coaching Leadership brings you the empirical evidence, the principles, and the skills, to be able to develop your own leadership and that of others you work with. This book:

  • Challenges you to critically reflect on your leadership and professional relationships

  • Offers practical activities and exercises

  • Describes leadership coaching based on reciprocal processes

  • Seeks to connect theory and practice

  • Provides a basis for workshop activities in coaching, appraisal, and mentoring. Coaching Leadership will assist educators who believe in the development of leadership at all levels, to dialogue effectively with professional colleagues for the improvement of leadership practice. This book comes highly recommended to those professionals committed to lifelong, experiential learning and reflective practice.