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Dr. Spencer Kagan
TITLE: Cooperative Learning
AUTHOR(S): Dr. Spencer Kagan
Suitable For: Lower Primary to Lower Secondary
PRICE: $75.00
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Dr. Kagan and his team have developed and perfected well over 200 Kagan Structures. Kagan Structures are simple teaching techniques or instructional strategies to guide the interaction of students with each other, the curriculum, and the teacher. Popular Kagan structures include Numbered Heads Together, Timed Pair Share, RallyRobin, Pairs Compare, Kinesthetic Symbols, and Lyrical Lessons. Dr. Kagan's book, Cooperative Learning, is the single most comprehensive and most popular book in the field. Instead of emphasizing complex cooperative learning lessons, theme units, projects, and centers, all of which demand extensive planning, preparation, and special materials, Kagan Structures make cooperative learning easy. Kagan Structures are used as part of any existing lesson — with little or no special preparation and no special materials. Because the Kagan structures are so easy to learn and apply, Kagan participants spontaneously created the Kagan motto: Learn it Today; Use it Tomorrow; Apply it for a Lifetime!