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Angus Macfarlane
TITLE: Discipline, democracy, and diversity: Working with students with behaviour difficulties
AUTHOR(S): Angus Macfarlane
Suitable For: Lower Primary to Upper Secondary
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Completely eliminating behaviour difficulties in schools is probably not possible but reducing them is a realistic aim. This book provides a useful range of practical approaches, responses, practices, and procedures that teachers can use in their everyday work. The main focus is to illustrate the links between behavioural theory and competent teaching practice. The combination of research scholarship and on-the-job experience will support teachers to be more skilful managers of students with challenging behaviours.

The title, Discipline, Democracy, and Diversity recurs as a theme throughout the book.

  • Discipline is about teaching and modelling responsible individual and collective behaviours that will encourage students to become self-motivated and self-regulated learners.
  • Democracy is about putting into practice skilful and respectful approaches for meeting the needs of students experiencing behaviour difficulties.
  • Diversity is about creating an inclusive and safe environment: one that stimulates the development the development of knowledge, creativity, acceptance, and participation, and encourages the expression of feelings.