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Michael Carr-Gregg
TITLE: The Princess Bitchface Syndrome
AUTHOR(S): Michael Carr-Gregg
PRICE: $26.00
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Many people picking up this book for the first time might find its title distasteful. So I feel the need to explain where it came from – an experience recounted to me by a 30-something friend of mine called Nikki, who was enjoying a fairly 'robust' relationship with her teenage daughter. Nikki was particularly envious of a friend who insisted on waxing lyrical about how quiet, helpful and studious her own adolescent was. Then one day Nikki attended a school morning tea and, with a slightly heavy heart expecting the usual rant, ambled over to the mother of this paragon of virtues and asked politely how her daughter was. Nikki was more than a little surprised at the response: 'You mean Princess Bitchface?'

Clearly, the puberty fairy had arrived and left a very special type of teenager under this parent's pillow. . .

A must read for anyone that KNOWS a teenage girl.......