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Carol Ann Tomlinson
Kay Brimijoin
Lane Narvaez
TITLE: The Differentiated School: Making Revolutionary Change in Teaching and Learning
AUTHOR(S): Carol Ann Tomlinson, Kay Brimijoin and Lane Narvaez
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Looking for advice and guidance on how to implement differentiated instruction throughout your school? Learn from the experts. Administrators and teachers alike will find viable ideas and answers to questions as leaders at two schools share milestones and vignettes from their real-life experiences in converting entire faculties to this dynamic approach to teaching and learning.

Carol Ann Tomlinson, Kay Brimijoin, and Lane Narvaez have combined their expertise with differentiation in schools—including professional development, research, leadership, coaching, and teaching—to highlight factors that contributed to the continuing success of school reinvention efforts such as

•Approaching change with the particular school culture in mind.
•Leading a staff toward change with appropriate pushes, pauses, and acknowledgments.
• Fostering continued growth in understanding and skill with differentiation in the classroom.
•Encouraging teachers to reinforce one another's strengths.
•Monitoring progress toward expanded flexibility in instructional approaches.
• Nurturing teacher leaders who can sustain the effort beyond one principal's tenure.
•Providing strong support and role models for deep and broad changes in the school's teaching practices and learning potential.

Every educatorseeking to move beyond isolated efforts to differentiate instruction will find practical support and inspiration in this book. At the same time, you'll gain understanding about the key characteristics needed for deep, lasting instructional change that taps into the learning potential of all students in your classrooms and schools.