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TITLE: The Third Teacher: 79 Ways You can use Design to Transform Teaching & Learning
AUTHOR(S): OWP/P Architects
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Created by an international team of architects and designers concerned about our failing education system, "The Third Teacher" explores the critical link between the school environment and how children learn.

Written for anyone who has school-age children in their life, from educators and education decision-makers to parents and community activists, this book is intended to ignite a blaze of discussion and initiative about environment as an essential element of learning.

Contributors include children's singer and advocate Raffi, author and creativity consultant Sir Ken Robinson scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki, inventor James Dyson, and other experts who are working to create fresh solutions to problems and create a new blueprint for the future of education.

"....children develop through interactions, first with the adults in their lives - parents & teachers-, then with their peers, and ultimately with the environment around them. THIS is the THIRD TEACHER......." (Malaguzzi pioneering Italian teacher 1940's)