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James Nottingham
TITLE: Encouraging Learning:How you can help children learn
AUTHOR(S): James Nottingham
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James Nottingham is a parent, teacher and award-winning education consultant. He advises schools, universities, companies and governments around the world about the best ways to enhance learning.
In this inspiring, humorous and practical book he shows what you can do to help children of all ages develop into confident, thoughtful and independent learners. Highlights include: the dangers of calling our children clever, bright and gifted; the best ways to teach wisdom; how to help children excel in exams; and why curiosity did not kill the cat.

If you want to help children succeed then read this book!
‘I recommend this book to anyone wishing to help children learn. In it you will find some lovely ideas for improving the way we encourage, support and praise all young people.’ (Professor Carol Dweck, author of Mindset, Stanford University, USA)
‘James has developed a rare skill for blending arresting anecdotes, hard-edged research and practical advice into a truly compelling narrative. He brings the clarity, humour and powers of synthesis that characterise his presentations to the written word too. Encouraging Learning will be attractive to all true educators – especially parents and teachers.’ (Professor Barry Hymer, author of The Gifted & Talented Pocketbook, Cumbria University, UK)
‘James’s work at our school is leading to the most significant and ongoing positive change that I have witnessed in my over 30 years in education. As part of this on-going development, we held a parent information night that is still talked about two years later. We all now have a different perspective on learning and the vital role we can play in developing successful learners.’ (George Telford, Principal of Yinnar School, Victoria)
'As an educator and a father, it has always puzzled me why we don't take our children’s thinking more seriously. James's book takes up this challenge with passion and breadth of vision.' (Brendan Spillane, Project Leader, Quality Catholic School, WA)