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Ruby Payne
TITLE: Research Based Strategies: Narrowing the Achievement Gap for Under-Resourced Students
AUTHOR(S): Ruby Payne
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Lack of personal, social and material resources can create specific challenges for students as well as for their schools and communities. Research-Based Strategies, an exciting revision of the Learning Structures Workbook, offers an at-a-glance ?menu? of challenges, strategies and related research, an all in one guide to academic, behavioural and community solutions.

57 Strategies are outlined in this book to engage under-resourced learners. After a brief outline at the beginning of the book, they are then expanded upon with information about key researchers and examples.

Ruby Payne's Understanding Learning: The How, the Why, the What, is also included within as an appendix to this book, providing more insight into how the brain works and processes information.