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Allan R Bonilla
TITLE: I'm in the Principal's Seat - Now What?
AUTHOR(S): Allan R Bonilla
PRICE: $60.00
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Tried and true strategies every principal can implement From a turnaround principal who has been there, I'm in the Principal's Seat, Now What? outlines clear strategies to create a positive, collaborative, and all-inclusive school environment. Dr. Allan Bonilla, former Principal of the Year in the nation's fourth largest school district, shares experiences from his 40-year career in education to guide and encourage current and aspiring principals. Featuring tools such as checklists, rubrics, and templates, the book offers true-life stories, examples, and interviews with award-winning “turnaround” principals. The author shifts attention from tasks that seem important to strategies that produce measurable results by focusing on topics such as:

  • Delegation and collaboration

  • Meeting the needs of the at-risk student

  • Improving attendance and student achievement

  • Being a true visible leader

  • Incorporating successful business practices

  • Celebrating success, and

  • Adopting a coaching mindset

Far from being a standalone anecdote for success that hinges on one unique personality, this relevant guide will help launch your own sustainable turnaround story.