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Bill Lucas
TITLE: Redesigning Schooling: Engaging parents: Why and how
AUTHOR(S): Bill Lucas
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In this entry in the Redesigning Schooling series, Professor Bill Lucas argues for the wholesale adoption of a strategy of parent and family and community engagement. He also makes the case for high levels of awareness among school leaders, teachers, parents and other community members about the kinds of parental engagement that really work – both to raise achievement and to develop learners who will thrive in the 21st century. Such activities need to be integral to school strategy, genuinely seen as important by all teachers, and regularly evaluated for their effectiveness.

Redesigning Schooling is a series of booklets that challenges schools to improve practice and innovate for change in every aspect of the system. The six-part series is designed to help identify the big questions in education, look at lessons from other systems and shape the debate on how we can make our education system world class.

With Redesigning Schooling, educators are urged to consider best practice in six areas of schooling: teaching and learning; student impact; parental engagement; curriculum design; assessment design; and collaboration between schools. The ideas and approaches put forward in the series can be adopted at an individual or school level. In each book, educators are encouraged to make choices based on the courage of their convictions about what is right for their learners and to spread their ideas across their networks and beyond.