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Dylan Wiliam
TITLE: Leadership for Teacher Learning: Creating a Culture Where All Teachers Improve so That All Students Succeed
AUTHOR(S): Dylan Wiliam
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The world's workforce will change significantly in the coming decades. Today's students need teachers to prepare them to thrive in a constantly changing world. In turn, teachers need leadership that encourages them to grow in their practice.

Leadership for Teacher Learning explores the correlation between teacher quality and student achievement. Drawing from evidence-based research findings, distinguished author and leading formative assessment authority Dylan Wiliam clearly and concisely explains how formative assessment, when applied properly, helps create a structured and rigorous learning environment that increases student achievement. He also presents compelling research to give readers a clear picture of:

  • which changes in classroom practice are most likely to impact student achievement

  • formative assessment's use in differentiated instruction (DI) and response to intervention (RTI)

  • how to select and support group leaders to ensure productive collaboration

  • strategies to integrate formative assessment into teacher evaluation

Tackling many of the toughest questions faced by school and wider leadership, Wiliam discusses why efforts to change classroom practice have been relatively unsuccessful. He then explores specific classroom tactics that tend to raise student achievement, illustrating how significantly a teacher's work impacts student learning.