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Gayle Gregory
TITLE: Teacher as Activator of Learning
AUTHOR(S): Gayle Gregory
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Walk into any classroom, and within a few seconds you’ll have a sense of whether the atmosphere is one of stagnation and passivity or one of motivation and engagement where students are learning. What is it that separates the latter from the former?

In this book, education expert Gayle Gregory offers the conditions necessary to foster an environment of active, visible learning in a brain-compatible climate. In its pages you’ll find

  • what effective teachers should know and do to activate student learning and reach targeted standards using theories such as Growth Mindsets and Panksepp’s SEEKING system

  • what an “instructionally intelligent” teacher has in her repertoire that impacts student success

  • multiple practical strategies to implement immediately that activate student thinking and target learning intentions through differentiation and the use of collaboration, formative assessment and feedback.

Gregory’s powerful strategies and tactics, your classroom will be positively electric with enthusiasm for learning and greater student success.